My Skills

Business Analysis and Consulting

Communication Facilitate conference calls, web meetings or face-to-face meetings. Ask questions, listen to answers, absorb what's being said. Provide answers.
Problem-Solving Facilitate a shared understanding of the problem and the possible solutions. Determine the scope of the project.
Critical Thinking Critically consider stakeholder needs, ask probing questions until the real need is surfaced and understood.
Industry and Domain Expertise Extensive experience in customer service / service center. Additional domain expertise in the fields of IT, electrial engineering, mechanical engineering, construction and industrial production.
Relationship-Building Ability to build trust and forge and maintain strong stakeholder relationships.
Dealing with Ambiguity Accept ambiguity at the beginning and in the course of a project. Embrace new information and learning as it surfaces. Resolve ambiguities in conversations and requirements specifications as well as possible.
Self-Managing I am proactive and dependency-aware. I manage myself to commitments and deadlines.
Facilitation and Elicitation Facilitate interviews, observations and requirements workshops to figure out details relevant for the business.
Analysis Deconstruct problems and solutions in order to understand the downstream impact and to find the best possible solutions.
Visual Modeling Create visual models, such as work-flow diagrams, data diagrams or wireframe prototypes.
Specification and Documentation Create clear and concise documentation such as current state analysis, business analyis, scope statement specification, functional or technical requirements, data model documentation, test plans, test cases or user acceptance test plans.

Technical Skills


Java Java Standard Edition (SE): data types and scrutures, collections, classes and objects, attributes, methods, inheritance, loops, decision-making, annotations, generics, visibility, abstract classes and methods, interfaces, exceptions, Swing, files and streams, JDBC

Java Enterprise Edition (EE): JavaMail, Java Persistence API (JPA), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), JavaServer Faces (JSF), Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS)

Java Application Servers: GlassFish, JBoss, Jetty, Tomcat, TomEE, WildFly
Scala Basics: functions, classes, fields, methods, visibility, singleton objects, case classes, collections, inheritance, traits, loops, decision-making, pattern matching, ScalaTest, ScalaCheck, sbt, REPL

Frameworks: Lift, Play

Web Development

JavaScript data types, arrays, objects, functions, loops, decision-making, events, JSON, AJAX, jQuery
HTML HTML5, DOM, semantic elements, graphics, vector graphics, tables, forms
CSS Basics: CSS3, selectors, inheritance, cascade, box model, positioning, layout, media queries, grid layout

In addition: Bootstrap framework, style sheet language Less


SQL Design / normalisation. Select, distinct, where, and, or, not, order by, insert into, update, delete, join.
Microsoft SQL Server Standard / Enterprise / Developer Edition. Intallation, Management Studio, administration of logins, users, permissions and databases. Creating and restoring backups, job management, using SQL
Oracle Database Using SQL
PostgreSQL Installation, administration, using SQL
MySQL Installation, administration, using SQL
HSQLDB Installation, embedding in java applications, using SQL
SQLite Using SQL


REST Resources, messages, addressing, methods, statelessness


TCP/IP IPv4, layer model, addresses, address classes, subnets
HTTP Request / response, methods, status codes, header fields, URL encoding

Markup language

XML / XML Schema Tree, syntax, elements, attributes, namespaces, DTD


Scala Build Tool (sbt) Standard directory layout, build definition, artifact parameters, scala version and scala settings, library dependencies
Gradle Build script, tasks
Maven Standard project directory structure, POM, versions, compile test, install, plugins, dependencies

Version Control

Git Creating repositories, checkout auschecken, add and commit, local and hinzufügen und einchecken, local and remote repositories, branching, tagging
Subversion (SVN) Review history, checkout, perform and review changes, commit

Operation systems

UNIX Server / desktop administration and application development
macOS Desktop use
Android Administration and application development
Windows Server / desktop administration and application development

Scripting languages

UNIX Shell Scripting Command redirection, pipelines, variables, arguments, control constructs, loops
Windows Batch Scripting Variables, arguments, control constructs, loops

Contact Center Software

eGain Installation, configuration, administration, customisation, REST-API
Zendesk Configuration, administration, customisation, REST-API

IT Service Management

ITIL ITIL® version 3 Foundation (IT Service Management) Certificate