Andreas Rieder im Juli 2016

Andreas Rieder

I work in Germany as an independent consultant and developer for web applications in the Java, Scala, SQL, and REST environments.

I offer my technical expertise and commercial insight to assist companies with the development, modification and introduction of software, especially in the service center environment.

It is my passion to set up web applications in a way that they lastingly generate a substantial added value for users and businesses and, for example, help saving expenses or optimize and accelerate business processes.

As a consultant, I implement extensive software projects with at times internationally operating companies. Example: Implementation of a service software in a telecommunications company in Austria and several Balkan countries involving many very different teams and branches.

It is my strength to mediate between the perspectives of responsible managers, users, and technical participants in a way that leads to an overall success.

On the technical level I keep an eye on performance and quality of the software, your interface, your physical environment, the saved data, and the wished-for processes.

As a developer, I use Scala and Java on the server’s part, am familiar with relational databases, and also open towards the usage of non-relational databases. For the front end I use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JSON. The communication between client and server takes places based on REST.